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Early 2024 Polling and Public Support

According to recent polling by Gallup on January 23, 2023, the public widely supports the adoption of Medicare For All (or a similar system) [1]. Their polling found that 57% of the general public is in support, with 72% of Democrats and just 13% of Republicans supporting it, indicating that it is still largely along political lines. Additionally, 56% of independents are also in support [1].

However, it may not be surprising to most that 50% of Republicans have a favorable view of Medicare and support it, just not for everyone. On the other hand, Democrats support it for all and have a similar favorable opinion of it (both above 70%) [2].

With the 2024 elections coming up, KFF has found the following as the top 5 'very important' topics for Biden and Trump to discuss [3]:

  1. Inflation
  2. Affordability of health care
  3. The future of Medicare and Medicaid
  4. Access to mental health care
  5. Immigration

This means that 3 of the top 5 topics are in the realm of Medicare For All, so this is far from a settled issue in the minds of voters [3]. Hopefully, they will meet the public on these topics and discuss actionable things they each would or would not do. As voters, hopefully, the public will remember to vote down-ballot for people who will do what they hope for instead of simply going straight down the ballot if some candidates do not meet their standards.

Of course, our opinion is clear: only Democrats have any desire to see this happen in Congress. It will continue to be killed otherwise, and it will take some work to get more centrist Democrats on board. Barring an edict from Trump, there is simply no chance it will happen under Republican control. So once again, we hope you will vote your conscience and claimed convictions and not party lines.


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