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Laura Curtis in Allen Park, Michigan

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Laura Curtis has Qualified Audiologist as her primary medical specialty. Their primary office is: 14575 Southfield Rd in Allen Park, Michigan.

They're a part of the: Downriver Ent Pc medical group which has around 3 members. You can call their office at 313-381-8787 to schedule an appointment. They also accept the Medicare-approved amount as payment in full. They attended Sorry, her university is not listed and graduated in 2008 (around 16 years of experience). They are not listed as doing telehealth appointments, but this may have changed. It can't hurt to call and check. If anything it may encourage them to make them available if they are not currently.

Laura S Curtis Office Phone and Directions

Laura Curtis
Downriver Ent Pc
14575 Southfield Rd
Allen Park, Michigan 48101

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Phone: 313-381-8787

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Healthcare Info for Laura Curtis

Medical School: Sorry, her university is not listed
Graduation Year: 2008
The Primary Medical Specialty for Laura Curtis is listed as: Qualified Audiologist
Approximate Years of Experience: 16
PAC (PECOS ID)#: 3971608209
NPI #: 1437212750
NPI Created On: 12/18/2006
NPI Last Updated Listed as: 02/26/2018
Primary Taxonomy Code: 231H00000X
License Number:
Listed Gender: Female

Procedures, Services, Charges

Services and Procedures include:

  1. Assessment of eardrum and muscle function
  2. Air and bone conduction assessment of hearing loss and speech recognition
  3. Placement of scalp electrodes for assessment and recording of responses from several areas of the nerve-brain hearing system
  4. Placement of ear probe for computerized cochlear assessment of repeated sounds with interpretation and report
  5. Hearing assessment of abnormal sounds

Providers in Downriver Ent Pc

1.Laura Curtis

14575 Southfield Rd
Allen Park Mi 48101-2640
Downriver Ent Pc
Qualified Audiologist

2.Brian Grossman

14575 Southfield Rd
Allen Park Mi 48101-2640
Downriver Ent Pc
Nurse Practitioner

3.Lascelles Pinnock Md

14575 Southfield Rd
Allen Park Mi 48101-2640
Downriver Ent Pc

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